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Name Faction Type Subtype Text Offence/Defence Quirk
Backside Backside
Apocalypse Judgment Day <Judgment Day>
Cataclysm Judgment Day <Judgment Day>
Ragnarok Judgment Day <Judgment Day>
Armageddon Judgment Day <Judgment Day>
Biomod Mercenary Neo Humans Creature Warrior <Drain 1 NHR>:+1 <Off>+1 <Def> until end of turn, Only once per turn 2/1 Fierce
Brainwasher Neo Humans Creature Infiltrator <Activate>:<Drain> <Creature> an opponent controls 0/0
Doomsday Prophet Neo Humans Creature Scientist <Drain>: look at the top card of your Resource Stack, Put that card at the bottom unless you draw <Judgment Day> 0/1
Harvesting Squad Neo Humans Creature Infiltrator <Activate>:<Drain> any <Location>'s resource, You may spend that resource 1/0
Hypernaut Soldier Neo Humans Creature Hero 2/3 Territorial Hyper Dimensional
Insane Scientist Neo Humans Creature Scientist <Drain>: you may spend 1 NHR as any resource 0/0
Martyr of Apocalypse Neo Humans Creature Hero <Judgment Day>: you may sacrifice this card to give 3 Damage to target <Location> 0/1
Military Commander Neo Humans Creature Warrior 2/2
National Guards Neo Humans Creature Warriors <Drain 1NHR>:+1<Def> until end of turn 1/1
Patriotic Hacker Neo Humans Creature Infiltrator <Drain 1NHR><Drain>: Look at opponent's hand and play 1 card from that hand spending your own resources to produce the card 1/1 Meek
Peace Squad Neo Humans Creature Warriors 1/1
Production Worker Neo Humans Creature Worker <Drain>: 1NHR 1/1 Meek
Survivalist Neo Humans Creature Warrior <Judgment Day>: put two +1<Off> +1<Def> counters on this <Creature> 0/0
H.O.M Neo Humans Creature Equipment +2/2+ +Fierce
Hyperdimensional Gate Neo Humans Location Equipment <Drain 1NHR>: 1 <Creature> on this <Location> gains <Hyper-D> until end of turn
Laser Rifle Neo Humans Creature Equipment +2/+1
Plasma Gun Neo Humans Creature Equipment If this card is equipped by a Warrior or Hero it costs 0 <NHR> to play +1/0
Plasma Reactor Neo Humans Location Equipment <Drain>:<1NHR>
Beads For Diamonds Neo Humans Intervention Play a card from opponent's hand, That card costs 0 resources to produce
Breakthrough Neo Humans Intervention Search your Stack for a card and put it onto your hand, Shuffle your Stack
Deathdrive Neo Humans Intervention A <Creature> you control may declare an extra Attack this round, <Reset> that <Creature> if you choose to do so
Foil Plans Neo Humans Intervention Cancel 1 non-Resource card as it is being played
Mind Control Neo Humans Intervention Move <Creature> you now control to <Location> you control
Nuclear Waste Neo Humans Intervention Choose a resource card, Destroy that card at the end of its controller's next turn
Replica Nation Neo Humans Intervention This <Intervention> becomes a copy of a <Location> in play
Sectarian Wisdom Neo Humans Intervention Play on Neo Human <Creature> and put 2 Judgment Day counters on it. Remove a counter every time you draw a card. If there are 0 counters when you draw a card remove this card and declare Judgment Day.
Pentagram Central Neo Humans Location Produces either <NHR>, <TRR> or <TMR>, MAX 2, 3 Life Points
Desert Metropolis Neo Humans Location Homeland Produces <NHR> <Judgment Day>: Produces <NHR>, MAX 5, 9 Life Points
Underground Lair Neo Humans Location Homeland Produces <NHR>, MAX 4, 12 Life Points
City Neo Humans Resource <NHR>
Industry Neo Humans Resource <NHR>
3.O.Y The Machines Creature Warrior This card counts as 2 <Creature> 4/2 Fierce
Android Scavengers The Machines Creature Warriors <Activate>: <Drain> a resource an opponent controls 1/0
Assassin Drone The Machines Creature Warrior 2/0 Assassin
Defender Drone The Machines Creature Warrior 1/1
ESC-5 The Machines Creature Hero <Judgment Day>: you may sacrifice this card to give all <Creatures> you control +2<Off> +2<Def> 1/1
Hibernating ESC Drone The Machines Creature Warrior <Judgment Day>: this <Creature> is +4<Off> +4<Def>, Every time this <Creature> attacks it is-1<Off> -1<Def> 0/0
Medicinal Nanobot The Machines Creature Worker <Drain>: prevent 1 Damage dealt to any Machine <Creature> 0/0
Miner Drone The Machines Creature Worker <Drain>: <1THR> 1/0
Nanobot Killer Swarm The Machines Creature Warrior Destroy this <Creature> if it attacked this turn 3/0
Research Bot The Machines Creature Scientist <Drain 1THR><Drain>: draw a card from you Stack 0/0
S 3000 The Machines Creature Warrior 3/1 Fierce
Blockchain The Machines Location Equipment Can only be played on <Machine><Location>, <Creature> on this <Location> can be <Drain> to produce 1 <TMR>
Heavy Weapons The Machines Creature Equipment This card can only be equipped by a Warrior or Hero with <Off> 1 or greater +1/+1
Hyper Faraday Shield The Machines Location Equipment This <Location> cannot be attacked by <Creatures> with <Hyper-D>
Hyper Suit The Machines Creature Equipment +0/+2 +Hyper Dimensional
Clockwork Disciplin The Machines Intervention <Reset> <Creature>
Counter Assassination The Machines Intervention Kill <Creature> with <Assassin>
Forcefield The Machines Intervention Cancel all Damage being dealt to a Machine <Creature> this turn
Grey Goo The Machines Intervention At the beginning of each Player's turn: Add a <Counter> to each <Location> that Player controls and Remove from each <Location> a resource, <Creature> or <Equipment> for each <Token> on <Location>, Each <Location> takes 1 Damage for each <Location>
Hologram Warrior The Machines Intervention This <Intervention> comes into play as a Machine Warrior with 1<Off> 1<Def>. Remove it at the end of turn
Metamorphosis The Machines Intervention Choose a <Creature> you control and a <Creature> that an opponent controls. Play this card only in your turn. Exchange control of those <Creature>s
Replicator The Machines Intervention Play this card like a <Creature>, This card becomes a copy of a <Creature> as long as that <Creature> is alive
Rise of the Machine The Machines Intervention Search your Stack for a Machine Warrior. Reveal it and put it onto your hand, Shuffle your Stack
Spawn of the Apocalypse The Machines Intervention Play on Machine <Creature> and put 2 apocalypse counters on it. Remove 1 counter every time that <Creature> attacks. If there is counters when that <Creature> attacks declare Judgment Day.
Weaponized Virus The Machines Intervention Destroy a non-<Location>, non-resource Machine card
The Scorch The Machines Location Produces <2TMR>, MAX 1, 2 Life Points
Drone Hive The Machines Location Homeland Produces <TMR>, All Machine Warriors on this <Location> gain +1<Def>, MAX 3 ,10 Life Points
Port V44 The Machines Location Homeland Produces <TMR>,<Equipment> equipped by <Creature> on this <Location> cost 1 resource less to produce, MAX 4, 9 Life Points
The Abyss The Machines Location Homeland Produces <TMR>, MAX 4, 12 Life Points
Field of Debris The Machines Resource <TMR>
Hyper Mine The Machines Resource <TMR>
Eternal Rebel The Resistance Creature Hero <Judgment Day>: this <Creature> gains +1<Off> for every Life Point its <Location> has. Divided by two, rounded down 1/1
Guardian The Resistance Creature Warrior 1/1 Hyper Dimensional
Hypernaut Shaman The Resistance Creature Scientist 1/1 Telepathy, Hyper Dimensional
Mutant Elephant The Resistance Creature Warrior <Drain 1TRR> and Discard a card from hand: Put a +1<Off> +1<Def> counter on this card. 0/1 Inventory Minus
Priestess of Pachamama The Resistance Creature Scientist Stack 1 resource from your Resource Stack to a <Location> when this card comes into play 0/1 Fierce
Raiders of the Lost World The Resistance Creature Scientist <Judgment Day>: <Drain> this <Creature> to Cancel a <Judgment Day> effect until end of turn
Rebel The Resistance Creature Warrior <Judgment Day>: this card costs 1 resource less to produce 1/1
Rioting Mob The Resistance Creature Warriors 2/0 Inventory Plus
Shadow Commander The Resistance Creature Warrior 1/2 Telepathy
Voodoo Shaman The Resistance Creature Scientist 1/0 Assassin, Fierce
Amulet of Death The Resistance Creature Equipment +Assassin +Fierce
Amulet of the Ancestors The Resistance Creature Equipment +0/+1 +Telepathy
Hut The Resistance Location Equipment This <Location> has space for 1 additional <Creature>
Sling The Resistance Creature Equipment This <Equipment> can only be equipped by Resistance <Creature>
Spirit Armour The Resistance Creature Equipment +1/+1
Apotheosis The Resistance Intervention +2<Off> +2<Def> to <Creature> until end of turn
Bad Omen The Resistance Intervention Kill <Creature>
Bokor Vodou The Resistance Intervention Bring <Creature> from any Discard Stack to play under your control
Cursed Grounds The Resistance Intervention Put a counter on each <Drained> resource on target <Location>, Resources with counters on them do not <Reset>, Instead Remove a counter
Harvest Moon The Resistance Intervention Spend up to 3 <TRR> resources
Heavenly Light The Resistance Intervention Cancel up to 3 Damage dealt to either <Creature> or <Location>
Inspiration The Resistance Intervention Search your Stack for a Resistance <Intervention>. Reveal it and put it onto your hand
Mind Over Matter The Resistance Intervention Destroy <Equipment>
Opening the Third Eye The Resistance Intervention Draw 2 cards from your Stack
Return To The Flock The Resistance Intervention All <Creature> return to their original owners' control
Wrath of the Earth The Resistance Intervention Play on <Location>, Put a counter on this card every time a Player drains a Resource card. If there are 7 or more counters on this card as it becomes your turn declare Judgment Day
Shangri La The Resistance Location Produces <TRR>, MAX 2, 3 Life Points
Sky Tower The Resistance Location Homeland Produces <TRR>, <Drain 1TRR>: draw 1 card from your Stack, Only once during your turn, MAX 2, 9 Life Points
Treeland Refuge The Resistance Location Homeland Produces <TRR>, MAX 4, 12 Life Points
Jungle The Resistance Resource <TRR>
Solar The Resistance Resource <TRR>